Barrie’s New Transit Hub: Getting Around at 430 ESSA Just Got Even Easier


At 430 ESSA in Barrie, it’s already a breeze to get around. After all, you have easy access to both regular GO service and affordable local transit. You also benefit from congestion-free roads and nearby highways that take you wherever you need to go. But thanks to Barrie council approved plans to transform Allandale GO station into a regional mobility hub, it’s about to get even simpler. Learn how this hub will open up a world of new transportation options right at your doorstep.

A one-stop transit shop

What’s better than being close to a GO station? Living just steps away from a hub that connects local transit, commuter trains, and inter-city buses. That’s the plan for Barrie’s Allandale GO station. Located on the waterfront just 3.9 kilometers from 430 ESSA, it’s set to become a major multi-modal transit hub in southern Ontario. According to current designs for the hub, the transformation will add 13 bus bays, a central landscaped island, and a multi-use path to the existing GO station. There will also be a 2-storey station services building with a public plaza right on Essa Road. How’s that for convenience?

Easy access to local and regional transit


The upcoming Allandale mobility hub will make travelling to destinations in Simcoe County, the GTA, and Muskoka easier than it’s ever been. In particular, because the Allandale hub will become Barrie’s main transit terminal, you won’t have to travel to the current downtown terminal to access inter-city buses and additional local bus routes. Instead, you’ll be able to hop on the GO train, the Greyhound, and key Barrie Transit routes right from Allandale. This means that if you ever need to get off the GO train at Allandale and take a bus to another part of the city, you won’t have to switch stations. You can make your connection right at Allandale, just down the road from your home.

Getting ready for expanded GO service

Whether you commute for work or play, easy access to GO train service sure comes in handy. Anticipating future needs, the Allandale mobility hub sets the stage for expanded service on the Barrie GO line over the next few years. In particular, Metrolinx has plans to offer all day, two-way GO service 7 days a week starting in 2020. This is expected to increase the number of weekly trips on the Barrie line from 1500 to almost 6000 by 2025. So not only will the hub make it easier to board a GO train, but it will also give you more departure times to choose from each day. And let’s not forget how being near a bustling GO station can increase the resale value of your unit.

Opportunities for new amenities

Aside from making it easier to get around, the Allandale transit hub will pave the way for new local amenities in the city. In particular, the project will create attractive redevelopment opportunities in the areas around the transit hub. This will enhance the community around 430 ESSA and provide potential commercial spaces for new stores and services. In addition, moving Barrie’s transit terminal to Allandale will free up the existing downtown terminal. This will let the city move forward with plans to turn the terminal into a year-round public venue with space for a farmers’ market and a food hall with vendor stalls, patio space, and craft beer. After all, you’ll need a place to spend all that extra time you’ll have with quicker and more convenient transit options.

Faster connections within and beyond the city

The new Allandale transit hub will make modern living at 430 ESSA simpler in a number of ways. For example, it’ll make it easier to access a main transit terminal, commute to work, and travel to cities and towns in surrounding regions. It’ll also create new opportunities for local amenities and set the stage for a boost in resale value. The result? You spend less energy on getting to where you need to be and more on the things that matter.

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Nick Stillo