Key Features That Optimize Modern Living in Compact Spaces


Everyone knows that compact spaces, such as condos, are usually quicker to clean and cheaper to furnish. But they also offer another important benefit that most people don’t realize: they’re functionally designed to simplify modern living.

The catch is that not all compact spaces are created equal—some are better optimized for modern comfort and convenience than others. How do you know which compact spaces will give you the best bang for your buck? Look for these key features, all of which can be part of your new home at 430 ESSA in Barrie:

Practical storage solutions

Convenient home storage solutions are critical for maximizing the functionality of a compact space. That’s why they’re an important feature to look for when you’re buying a condo. In most condo buildings, you can expand your storage space by purchasing a storage locker in the building. However, because these lockers are usually located in the parking garage, you have to transport your items down several floors to store and retrieve them.

Designed to address this challenge, 430 ESSA offers storage lockers on each residential floor. This gives you the option to buy storage space that’s just a few steps from your unit. So instead of having to lug your belongings to the parking garage, you can simply walk down the hall.

Smart home hubs

Another way to improve the functionality of a compact space is to install a smart home hub. Although there are many options you can choose from, we recommend purchasing Alexa or Google Home for your space. Responsive to voice commands, Alexa and Google Home make everyday tasks easier and faster to tackle. For example, they can turn on lights, play your favourite tunes, and provide weather forecasts. They can even help you order a pizza or tell you when the next hockey playoffs game is. And because they’re affordable and simple to install yourself, you won’t have to break the bank to optimize your space.

Parking stackers

At 430 ESSA, installing a smart home hub in your unit isn’t the only way to use technology to enhance the functionality of your space. You can also take advantage of the parking stacker upgrade available in the residential garage. Widely used in major cities throughout the world, 430 ESSA will be the first Barrie condo project to use parking stackers to address a key challenge residents typically encounter in traditional condo parking garages. By optimizing the use of space in 430 ESSA’s garage, the parking stackers will increase the number of resident vehicles that can be parked in it.

 Electric vehicle chargers

When using technology to enhance functionality, it’s also important to consider the future of modern living. That’s why we’re building a community that will anticipate and accommodate changes in the cars we drive. In particular, because of increased affordability and supportive government policies, major brands like Toyota, GM, Volvo, Volkswagen, and BMW are producing more and more electric vehicles each year. As a result, experts predict that by 2030, there will be 125 million electric vehicles on the road. So the next time you buy or lease a car, there’s a good chance it’ll be an electric one.

To prepare for the future of condo parking, we’re future-proofing and offering a select number of pre-wired parking stalls for electric vehicles in 430 ESSA’s residential garage. We’re also adding common electric vehicle chargers throughout the property. This feature is also another first in a Barrie condo project.  

Enhance the functionality of compact spaces

Compact spaces don’t have to feel small. As long as they have the right features, they can be functional homes that simplify modern living. If you’re moving into a condo or another type of compact space, look for practical storage solutions, install a smart home hub, and take advantage of innovative technology devices. Like the unit-level storage lockers, parking stackers, and electric vehicle chargers at 430 ESSA, they can make living in a compact space simple and convenient.

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Nick Stillo