430 ESSA’s Outdoor Terrace: An Urban Oasis in Barrie


At 430 ESSA, we’ve made it easy to enjoy the great outdoors. Not only is this vibrant new community close to a range of outdoor activities, but it also features a spacious outdoor terrace. This means that you can take in the view, get some fresh air, or simply enjoy the weather without having to leave the property. Here’s how the terrace offers all the comfort of an urban oasis in Barrie.

Kick back and relax


On 430 ESSA’s outdoor terrace, you can kick back and relax any day of the week. Whether you want to unwind alone or catch up with friends, the terrace’s seating area is the place to be. Get your dose of vitamin D while lounging in the sun or take advantage of the canopies and cool off in the shade. Surrounded by plenty of trees, plants and seasonal flowers, you’ll feel just like you’re in your own backyard (but one that you don’t have to maintain). And with BBQs onsite, there’s no need to worry about getting hungry. Just fire up the grill and enjoy your favourite summer meal.

Host a party


Want to take advantage of the great weather the next time you host a party? 430 ESSA’s outdoor terrace has you covered. The community’s outdoor common space includes a private area that’s connected to the indoor party room. As a result, you can kick off your party indoors and take it outside anytime. Because the private outdoor space is separate from the rest of the terrace, you won’t have to worry about sharing it with other residents and visitors. Instead, you can have it all to yourself to host your housewarming party, summer get-together, or birthday bash.

Enjoy it day or night

We’re all about making modern living simple and convenient. That’s why we’ve designed 430 ESSA’s terrace in a way that maximizes usability. For example, with ambient lighting on the terrace, residents will be able to enjoy the outdoor space both during the day and at night. So whether you’re an early riser or a night owl, it’s the perfect escape. We’ve also created an additional entrance to the terrace that’s separate from the entrance connected to the indoor common space. As a result, you’ll be able to use the terrace at any time, even when your neighbour is hosting a private party.  

Your outdoor retreat in the city


At 430 ESSA, living in a functional and spacious suite isn’t the only benefit you’ll enjoy. You’ll also get to take advantage of the community’s outdoor terrace. Featuring seating with canopies, BBQs, lush greenery, and nighttime ambient lighting, the terrace is your outdoor retreat in the growing city of Barrie. And with multiple entrances and private outdoor space, you can use it for your next party or access it at any time of the day.   

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Nick Stillo