Convenient Transportation Right at Your Fingertips in Barrie


When you’re looking for a new place to live, you probably search for neighbourhoods that provide easy access to key amenities. After all, life only gets easier when you can stock your fridge quickly, get to work on time, and run errands while your kids are at their swimming lessons.

But if you’ve ever visited a densely populated city like New York or London, you know that being geographically close to where you need to be is only half the battle. You also need to be able to get there in a way that’s quick, convenient, and affordable. That’s the beauty of living at 430 ESSA Condos in Barrie. With multiple transportation options right within steps of your front door, it’s always easy to travel within and beyond the city limits.  

Regular GO service

Have a job in Toronto? Heading south for work or play is a breeze when you live at 430 ESSA. As a Barrie resident, you’ll enjoy regular service to Toronto’s Union Station on all days of the week (even on Sundays and holidays). And that’s not all. You can also take your pick from two different stations: Allandale Waterfront GO Station and Barrie South GO Station.

Located just south of the city’s waterfront, Allandale GO is just 3.8km from 430 ESSA. Need to hop on from another part of the city? Head to Barrie South GO, only 8.9km from 430 ESSA, and take advantage of the 650-car parking lot. Once you’re on board, you’ll be free to watch a movie on your phone, tackle some work, or catch up on a good book.

Affordable local transit


At 430 ESSA, it isn’t just easy to travel to and from the GTA. It’s also simple to get around within Barrie. Need to run an errand while your car is in for service? Can’t drop your teen off at soccer practice? Barrie Transit operates 10 bidirectional bus routes throughout the city, and a bus stop located just outside the lobby doors of 430 ESSA means having the freedom to jump on and off the bus at your doorstep.    

In addition to providing bike racks on buses and live status information online, Barrie Transit offers a number of special programs to make getting around even easier. For example, the GO Transit Fare Integration Program reduces the cost of your daily commute. It lets you ride Barrie Transit for free if you’re connecting to or from GO Transit in the city. And with Licence to Ride, kids aged 12–15 can both ride Barrie Transit for free and play at the city’s community centres for free all summer long.

Open roads and nearby highways

Prefer driving? From 430 ESSA, it’s convenient to travel by car no matter where you want to go. In the city, enjoy congestion-free roads, affordable downtown parking rates, and free parking for residents in a variety of waterfront areas. You can also take advantage of the quick, 5-minute drive to Highway 400 when you need to head to the GTA. And because Barrie is located at the gateway to cottage country, getting away for the weekend is easier than it’s ever been.

Focus on the destination, not the journey

Convenient transportation is more than just a perk of living at 430 ESSA. It frees up time in your schedule for the things that matter. With regular GO service, local transit at your doorstep, and easy access to surrounding communities, it’s always simple and affordable to get to where you need to be. The result? You spend less time travelling and more time enjoying your destination and the memories you make there.

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Nick Stillo