Infusing Modern Convenience Into Urban Living


430 ESSA is redefining urban living in Barrie. And it’s not just because we’re crafting it with spacious layouts, innovative design, and premium build quality. We’re also pushing the boundaries by incorporating unique, functional features that transform the condo lifestyle and tackle the key challenges residents typically face. Here’s how 430 ESSA is designed to make modern life simpler and more convenient:  

Retail space at grade

At 430 ESSA, you’ll benefit from more than just standard condo amenities. You’ll also have easy access to retailers right at the base of the building. With up to 13,000 square feet of retail space split into multiple commercial units, 430 ESSA will bring a carefully curated mix of services right to your doorstep. With the infrastructure for cafés, yoga studios, dry cleaners, or health care professionals, this retail space will make visiting key stores or services a more rapid and convenient experience. It’ll also create a sense of community within the building.

Versatile common areas

Want a change of scenery without leaving the building? Need some extra room to host a party? 430 ESSA’s common spaces have been designed for a range of needs and activities. The indoor common area features a spacious and thoughtfully designed lounge that serves as a natural extension to a unit, making it the perfect place to host a large gathering. And when the weather’s right, you can enjoy the BBQs, lounge area, and greenery on the outdoor terrace. Kick back and relax on your own or use the space to entertain friends and family.

Lobby "connection space"

Working remotely has never been simpler. But it also isn’t easy to stay productive when your laptop is just steps away from your TV. Fortunately, at 430 ESSA, you don’t have to go far to switch up your workspace and get a change of scenery. In the building’s lobby, we’ve created a “connection space”, a free WiFi zone where you can tackle your to-do list, catch up on emails, or finally take a look at that report you’ve been meaning to finish. Think of it as your office away from the office. And when you need that caffeine boost to keep you going, you can meet up with fellow residents or friends and head to the Starbucks across the street.

Parking stacker upgrades

In most condo buildings, you get a maximum of one parking spot. And if you need a second one for your partner’s car, you have to buy or rent another one usually far away from each other or outside and exposed to the elements. To address this key challenge of condo living, we’re offering parking stackers as an upgrade in 430 ESSA’s residential garage. Commonly used in private and public parking lots in New York and LA, parking stackers increase the number of vehicles that can be parked in a given space. By choosing this option at 430 ESSA, you’ll be able to park two cars in a single stall and access either one with the touch of a button.

Giving you the convenience you need

When we created 430 ESSA, we weren’t thinking just about where you would sleep, shower, and eat a quick weeknight meal. We also considered where you park, work, lounge, tackle chores, and host friends and family. That’s why 430 ESSA makes modern life easier. It’s been carefully designed to include the amenities you need to make the most of each day.

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Nick Stillo