4 Powerful Smart Home Tech Products to Watch for This Black Friday


As you hunt for bargains this Black Friday, keep an eye out for the next step forward in modern living: Smart home technology products. These powerhouse devices enhance your day-to-day life by giving you better control over your home, improving security, saving energy, and making more time for the things that matter. Enjoy the benefits of a more efficient home year round by checking out these 4 outstanding smart technology products.

1. Amazon Echo Generation 2

Do everything you love to do at home faster with the all-new Amazon Echo Gen 2. This impressive device feels less like a tech product and more like a personal assistant who can help you with just about any task.  Want to hear a song? The Echo Gen 2 will have it playing within seconds. Is the volume too low? It can take care of that too. It can even remind you to pack an umbrella if it's raining outside.

Compatible with Alexa, the Echo Gen 2 is perfect for anyone with a busy lifestyle who could use an extra hand. With its sleek design, advanced speaker, and hands-free technology, it'll become such an important part of your home that you'll start to miss it when you're away. Treat yourself to the Echo Gen 2 by checking it out on Amazon.

2. Ecobee 3 Smart Thermostat

There's nothing like having a warm, cozy home on a cold winter day. Unfortunately, keeping your home toasty as the temperatures drop can get pretty pricey. Instead of wearing multiple sweaters to make staying warm indoors affordable, consider installing the Ecobee 3 Smart Thermostat. 

Using remote sensors, the Ecobee 3 detects which rooms you're in during certain times and heats them accordingly. By heating rooms based on usage, this powerful device allows you to consume energy efficiently and pay only for what you're using. This way, you can always feel comfortable in your home without dreading the shock you'll experience when you see your next bill. Learn about how to stay warm in your home this winter with the Ecobee 3.

3. Smart Lock

These days, you can use your phone to pay bills, board a flight, or even update your entire wardrobe. Now with Smart Lock, you can use it in place of your home keys too. Smart Lock turns your smartphone into a smart key. You can use it to lock and unlock your front door, create virtual keys for other people, and monitor who walks in and out.

Accessible right from the screen of your phone, Smart Lock means never having to worry about losing your home keys or locking them inside your car. It's great for parents with small kids, families who want an extra level of security at the front door, and anyone who finds themselves making frequent trips to the locksmith. Check out Smart Lock today to find out how it can make securing your home easier and more convenient.

4. Control-4 Home Automation

Don't have a tech bone in your body? It doesn't matter. If your can move your finger, you can use this product. With just one touch, Control4 Home Automation lets you dim lights, blast music, heat rooms, and activate your security system. And you can do it all without even getting out of bed.

Suitable for all types of homes, this advanced home automation system does require professional installation. But it gives you access to a virtual butler with so many helpful functions that you'll wish you had gotten it sooner. Learn more about how Control4 Home Automation can make your home work for you.

Nick Stillo