Meet the One Urban Team


At One Urban, we make it a priority to understand the residents of our communities and their needs. It’s how we create functional urban spaces for real people that meet the demands of modern living.

But we’ll be the first to admit that building relationships isn’t a one-way street. We want to give you the opportunity to get to know us, too. So as much as we love a good mystery, we’re using this blog post to introduce you to the One Urban team. Keep reading below to find out who we are and why we’re on a mission to transform the GTA.

Domenic Stillo, President and CEO


The GTA has changed a lot over the past few decades, and Domenic has been there to see it all. As a real estate investor and developer with over 40 years of experience, he doesn’t just have the expertise and skills to build a successful brand in the industry, he also has the historical knowledge and strategic insight to build sustainable communities.  

As One Urban’s Chief Executive Officer, Domenic is responsible for leading the One Urban team. Managing an extensive real estate portfolio consisting of retail, commercial and residential properties, and holding many top management roles during his career makes Domenic well-positioned to spearhead the brand’s initiatives to transform modern living. Domenic enjoys being part of a team that truly lives by its core philosophies and is genuinely passionate about shaping the GTA in a meaningful way. For him, the One Urban legacy is about pushing the boundaries in innovation and design to create landmark spaces that will benefit local communities for decades to come.

Nick Stillo, Executive Vice President and COO


Nick’s expertise in business and real estate is hard to beat. Since making his first business deal at the age of 9, Nick has participated in countless business ventures and sophisticated transactions, making him a consummate negotiator and a force to be reckoned with when it comes to closing a deal. As a second-generation real estate developer, Nick had the unique opportunity to shadow his father, One Urban CEO Domenic Stillo, starting in his early teenage years. It’s during this time that he began to learn the art of land acquisition and real estate development, and using his education he began acquiring and managing his own portfolio of real estate. He hasn’t looked back since.

As One Urban’s Chief Operating Officer, Nick oversees all of One Urban’s operations. This includes managing brand development, land acquisition and assembly, development consultant coordination, sales and marketing, construction, and final registration. He brings his experience in running two additional successful businesses, including ultra-luxury car service brand Luxe Drive, to this role. For Nick, being part of the One Urban team means having the opportunity to positively transform the lives of residents by creating and shaping the GTA’s urban landscape. He is passionate about using cutting-edge technology to create communities that are timeless and beautiful yet efficient for generations to come.

Joe Villar, Executive Vice President and CFO


Joe isn’t just about the numbers. He’s got the experience to make sense of them and harness their power to fuel growth. With over 20 years in banking, he’s held multiple managerial roles in the sector and developed a seasoned understanding of financial management. However, this isn’t the extent of Joe’s knowledge, he also has a broad understanding of real estate investments and has been involved in the industry for many years. This is what makes Joe such a natural fit for the One Urban team.

In his role as Chief Financial Officer, Joe provides leadership with respect to One Urban’s financial activities. This involves leveraging his financial expertise to help the team achieve its strategic objectives and grow the One Urban brand. On the team, Joe enjoys being directly and indirectly involved in creating beautiful spaces that shape people’s lives. He strongly believes in the power of innovative real estate development to make communities more sustainable and convenient to live in.

Vince Di Meglio, Executive Vice President and Partner


Vince’s diverse skill set makes him a valuable player on the team. Throughout his career Vince has had extensive experience in both the IT and real estate industries. Having shadowed Domenic for many years, Vince has developed valuable skills centered around real estate acquisitions and property management. Additionally, Vince owns and manages many personal investment properties himself, making him an incredibly valuable player on the One Urban Team.

As a Partner at One Urban, Vince participates in key decision making and uses his extensive industry knowledge and passion for innovation to help the team reimagine the GTA. A self-proclaimed “techie”, he is constantly researching sustainable and innovative technology to integrate into our developments. He also ensures that our IT hardware and software technology are functioning smoothly. It’s because of him that we always have the technological resources we need to do our best work and create outstanding communities. Vince enjoys being part of a team that is physically changing the landscape of the GTA. To him, innovation in real estate development is the key to making beautiful spaces efficient, smart, and livable.

It’s a Team Sport

It isn’t easy to create vibrant urban communities that truly enhance the quality of modern living. That’s why we don’t rely on just a single skill set to turn our ONE vision into a reality. We know that building beautiful, functional, and sustainable spaces in the 21st century requires leveraging the power of our collective experience, skills, and backgrounds. So that’s what we do.

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Nick Stillo