How we’re Reimagining the GTA with Well-Planned Urbanization


How we’re reimagining the GTA with well-planned urbanization

At One Urban, we aren’t interested in just building homes. We’re on a mission to develop thriving urban communities that are positioned for lasting success. That’s why we don’t build just anywhere we can find a patch of land. Instead, we develop our communities thoughtfully by considering the infrastructure and transit that already exists in a region and identifying what we can add to it. This approach allows us to transform existing neighbourhoods in both big cities and small towns into sustainable, forward-thinking urban communities.

Here’s how we’re transforming the landscape of the GTA with well-planned urbanization.


The challenge of urbanization

It’s relatively easy to create urban communities in bustling cities. After all, these locations are already packed with the types of amenities and community spaces residents are looking for. Urbanization in suburban and rural areas, on the other hand, is a whole different ball game.

When you’re creating urban communities in smaller cities and towns, you can’t implement the same design strategies and trends you would use in big cities. Instead, you need to be able to envision what an area can and will become with a more vibrant urban centre. You also have to be willing to push the boundaries in architecture, challenge traditional design approaches, and build right to the property lines to promote engagement with the surrounding community. That’s how you create vibrant urban spaces that add lasting value to their existing towns and cities.


Our urbanization strategy

Urbanization in small cities and towns may be tricky but at One Urban, we don’t shy away from a challenge. Instead, we’ve developed a solid strategy for successful urbanization in cities and towns of any size.

Our approach to urbanization allows us to harness the power of quality, function, and innovation to enhance the legacy of our communities. Guided by our ONE vision, we work with the most skilled partners, select the locations of our communities strategically, and incorporate modern design principles to create urban hubs that energize the cities and towns they’re located in. These innovative spaces fit seamlessly into their existing communities because we’ve factored the characteristics of the area and the lifestyles of residents into the equation.


Creating an urban vibe anywhere

Selecting locations with existing infrastructure isn’t the only key to successful urbanization. The amenities we add to our communities matter too. We incorporate lobby “work” cafés, pet spas, outdoor media viewing lounges, and CrossFit-style gyms into our developments to make modern living simple and convenient for our residents. It’s how we give the neighbourhoods we develop an urban vibe whether they’re located in a big city or a small town.

Reimagining the GTA with well-planned urbanization

As the populations of the GTA and southern Ontario grow, we need to find ways to create vibrant communities not just in established major cities but also in the suburbs and rural towns in between. Using strategic urbanization, our team at One Urban is revitalizing neighbourhoods, creating people-centred urban hubs, and making more efficient use of available geographic space. Thriving communities that set residents up for a lifetime of success can exist anywhere. They just need to be powered by the right vision.

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Nick Stillo