Our Story

It’s not just the buildings that make a community, there’s more to the equation.

It’s the memory of a place and the people passing through. One Urban builds contemporary developments that feel at home in your neighbourhood. Our vision reflects the timeless values of each community while adding to its future legacy in a sustainable way. The key factor is you.















Our Philosophy

One Vision. Making you feel at home.

[O]pportunity Rich

We partner with skilled trades professionals, leading industry consultants and buyers to create desirable urban spaces you want to live in. We incorporate smart technology and accessible infrastructure into all of our developments so you never have to leave.

[N]eighbour Focused

We make sure to understand the needs of our neighbours before ever moving in. While our contemporary developments feel at home in your surroundings, we trust you’ll appreciate the nuance of our sleek design and the increased value to the whole community.

[E]fficient Building

Our contemporary properties are designed to make your life easy. We respect traditional home-building values while infusing conveniences of modern living into our technologically sophisticated properties. We only build in desirable locations to create vibrant urban settings.

Feature Project

Be part of our upcoming project coming soon to Oakville. She's charming, sophisticated and brings a contemporary edge to this town. Keep up by registering below.